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Data Management

We made Abba platform so easy to use, you will be able to manage your relational database without any knowledge of SQL coding. It is trivially easy to add, delete and edit entities, attributes and records, create relations, import and export data, run queries, the list goes on and on.

Access Control

With the Abba platform, you can allow access to only the minimum required information to carry out a user's task. Access to the individual entities, attributes, and records can be restricted for specific users or user groups. Abba provides an intuitive user interface for managing access control.

Business Logic

Our intuitive user interface allows you to implement business logic by configuring data relationships, data validations, business rules, business roles, and reports. There is no coding involved. Once the functional requirements are ready, you can start configuring immediately.


Abba's systems securely protect your valuable data and files. All data traffic is encrypted. We use reliable IaaS products that meet the highest compliance standards. These environments are protected by software and hardware firewalls to ensure that you have safe access to the Abba Platform and API Engine.


Our reporting functionality lets you configure and schedule reports without any coding. Customize everything in your report. Produce form, tabular or matrix reports with summaries at multiple levels and dynamic run-time parameters. You can query, sort and group the data just the way you need it.

API Engine

Abba's powerful API engine makes it easy for you to create custom application user interfaces and process flows. Using our JSON formatted REST APIs, you can manage users, data and third party integrations according to your needs. Excellent documentation makes these APIs easy and intuitive to use for developers.


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